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Designing Obama

Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, Regardless of political affiliation, most people agree that Barack Obama ran one hell of an Internet campaign last year. Mazindol from canada, I was very surprised when I first saw his site. It was the first political site that really impressed me, Mazindol pharmacy, Is Mazindol addictive, for two reasons. First, order Mazindol no prescription, Real brand Mazindol online, his site was well constructed, containing the elegance of traditional design principles, herbal Mazindol, Mazindol class, consistency in branding, and social media for outreach, Mazindol blogs. Buy Mazindol from canada, Second, I was impressed that the campaign management (politicians) gave skilled designers their creative freedom, kjøpe Mazindol på nett, köpa Mazindol online. This doesn't happen often within political/government environments.

Scott Thomas was the design director for Obama's campaign, Buy Mazindol Without Prescription. Mazindol from canadian pharmacy, He orchestrated  its design, branding and website under extreme deadlines, what is Mazindol. Effects of Mazindol, I have been following Scott's writings and speeches on his design philosophy: be clear, simplify, my Mazindol experience, Mazindol without prescription, and humanize. You can see those elements reflected in his work, Mazindol without a prescription. Buy no prescription Mazindol online, The campaign site definitely set a new standard for the future of government sites. Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, Already, we see newly-launched federal web sites, such as,, and shedding the outdated look and content format that are often associated with government design.

The Obama internet campaign will be a case study for many future political candidates, purchase Mazindol online. Order Mazindol online c.o.d, Recently, Scott Thomas gave a behind the scenes talk on the campaign design process, order Mazindol online overnight delivery no prescription. Mazindol use, I highly recommend that anyone who's interested in political design, or design in general, where can i cheapest Mazindol online, Mazindol alternatives, to watch this video in its entirety.

Last month, Scott launched his new project on Kickstarter, cheap Mazindol no rx. It is a wonderfully illustrated book documenting the grass-root movement many artists were involved in during the Obama Campaign, Buy Mazindol Without Prescription. Discount Mazindol, The book will be printed, if the initial budget of $65, where can i find Mazindol online, Buy Mazindol online no prescription, 000 is met by November 5th. So far, Mazindol price, coupon, Comprar en línea Mazindol, comprar Mazindol baratos, over 770 people have pledged almost $50,000, Mazindol photos. Mazindol interactions, Designing Obama the Book

This book is more than the Obama campaign - it demonstrates how powerful art and design can impact the political outcome.

Scott Thomas' design work on the campaign last year has defined a new standard for government websites to better serve the public. In that regard, I consider him one of today's most influential web designers.

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4 Comments, please share your thoughts!

Alex Charchar Oct 19 2009

I’ve wondered a few times as to what the next election will be like.. Clearly those running will see what good design did for Obama and will want to replicate the results..

Which leads to me wonder if, in time, the design firm hired will be news considered as important as their policy on X or their history with Y?

It also leads one to realise that this is the kind of thing that will help establish design as the craft and force that it can be

Jin editor Oct 19 2009

Alex, many newly launched government sites, as well as politicians’ sites already stepped up in design and web standards. I imagine during the next election, it will be a battle of the websites, since the web is such a powerful medium now.

Which leads to me wonder if, in time, the design firm hired will be news considered as important as their policy on X or their history with Y?

I think so, eventually. Just like within commercial web design world, it’s a big news when a well known firm wins a major bid(e.g. HappyCog+Mozilla). I hope many established design firms, as well as talented freelance designers lend a hand in future government site design.

Trudy Oct 21 2009

It’s more than how he conveyed information, it is how he connected with the people and his message. Anyone can hire a great web designer, marketing team and graphic/visual artists. Very few can really consider how to connect with others and realize that people are more than numbers, races, genders–demographics. This is not to say that only Obama can do this, but those who cannot really connect others will be lost in the 2012 election, even if the best creative forces design their web presence.

Jin editor Oct 22 2009

@Trudy, well said and I agree. However, a skilled design team who understands their candidate’s vision and philosophy can execute the message better. That’s what this post is about. In order for a candidate to reach out to everyone out there, internet is an important medium because it’s instant. Thank you for your thoughts.

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