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Internet Explorer Testing Strategy

Adipex-P For Sale, Test early, test often. Web development demands persistent testing throughout the entire process to identify issues early and deal with them before they require a large-scale overhaul. Internet Explorer (IE) usage is diminishing, buy Adipex-P without prescription, yet it remains the predominant browser for most sites. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, In addition, users of IE do not always upgrade immediately, even when there is a new version with clear benefits over the old, fast shipping Adipex-P. Many IT departments prevent users from upgrading due to a dependence on or a lack of resources to roll-out a new browser and many users simply don't see a reason to upgrade. Plus, with the recent announcement that Microsoft plans to support Windows XP until 2014, IE6 - the default browser in XP -  will be with us for some time, Adipex-P For Sale. Adipex-P use, Even the promise of Google Chrome Frame doesn't let us off the hook because we can assume it won't be installed for similar reasons. That leaves us with the burden of testing in multiple versions of IE.

In this article, I'll show you how to install multiple, purchase Adipex-P, legitimate versions of IE to speed up testing by taking advantage of two no-cost products available from Microsoft: Virtual PC (VPC) and Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Images. Adipex-P mg, When we're done, you'll be able to confidently test in IE6, IE7 and IE8, purchase Adipex-P online.

While there are various "stand-alone" versions of Internet Explorer available, Get Adipex-P, none are officially supported and I always question their accuracy, especially for anything involving cookies, JavaScript or sessions, buy Adipex-P online no prescription, so I don't use them. Adipex-P For Sale, Fortunately, Microsoft provides free (as in beer) versions of IE in the form of Virtual PC images. Buy Adipex-P from mexico, You can choose IE 7 or 8 on Vista or XP SP3, or IE 6 on XP SP3. The limitations - such as their limited lifetime - the current images expire January 1, buying Adipex-P online over the counter, 2010, Adipex-P images, but new images should be released before then - and additional time to launch are far outweighed by the assurance gained by using the genuine article of an installed version of IE. Plus, you have the option to save or roll-back the state of the machine so it's a breeze to quickly try out new things such as Google Chrome Frame, Adipex-P price, coupon.

What's a Virtual Machine?

Good question. Simply put, a system Virtual Machine (VM) is an operating system running within a window on your computer, Adipex-P For Sale. Where can i buy Adipex-P online, When launched, a window appears that resembles another computer running on your desktop, taskbar and all, Adipex-P online cod. You can resize the window or switch to fullscreen mode and feel like you're using a different machine. Adipex-P recreational, In fact, you don't have to stop at just using a different browser. A major advantage provided by a virtual machine is the fact that the entire system is sandboxed, what is Adipex-P. Take advantage of that by installing and testing screen reader software Adipex-P For Sale, or other assistive technology that you may not want to use all the time on your host computer.

The Strategy: Upgrade to IE8, Herbal Adipex-P, Install IE6 as a VPC

IE8 is a major step forward from IE7 in terms of performance, standards support and development tools. The IE Developer Toolbar add-on for IE6 and IE7 has been renamed Developer Tools and greatly expanded to include a JavaScript debugger and console (similar to the Firebug add-on for Firefox), where can i find Adipex-P online. Plus, Where to buy Adipex-P, the Developer Tools feature is now bundled with the browser by default - this is great news for developers who are not allowed to install add-ons. Like Firebug, you can open the Developer Tools by pressing F12 on the keyboard, kjøpe Adipex-P på nett, köpa Adipex-P online, or you can select it from the Tools Menu in either the Menu Bar or Command Bar. Personally, I add it directly to the Command Bar by right-clicking an empty area of the toolbar area, selecting "Customize" and then "Add or Remove Commands."

So go ahead and upgrade to IE8 because of the reasons stated earlier, Adipex-P For Sale. My Adipex-P experience, In fact, IE8 includes a robust IE7 mode called Compatibility View which you can use for testing - it's accessed by the Developer Tools. So installing IE8 means you have IE7 built-in, rx free Adipex-P, which means you just need to install IE6 in a Virtual PC image. Adipex-P price, Of course, you may want to install a VPC with IE7 just to be sure, but the switching within IE8 is much faster than waiting for the VM to load and allocating space for another VPC (about 1.5GB), Adipex-P no prescription.


Here's how we'll do it: we'll install Virtual PC first and then set up individual virtual machines (VMs). Adipex-P For Sale, When we're finished, you'll be able to fire up a window with an instance of XP or Vista with a "real" (installed) version of IE and test with confidence. Online buying Adipex-P, Let's begin.

Here are 3 steps to get your virtual machines set-up:

  1. Download and install Microsoft VirtualPC

  2. Download licensed disk image from Microsoft of Windows with IE

  3. Create a virtual machine inside VirtualPC using the disk image

Here they are again, in detail:

  1. Download VirtualPC

    1. install VirtualPC

  2. Download IE Application Compatibility VPC Images

    1. Double-click the ".exe" file to expand the image (VHD file, canada, mexico, india, or virtual hard disk) to the location of your choice. Doses Adipex-P work, Note: these files will be greater than 1GB in size, so choose wisely.

  3. Create Virtual Machine Configuration (VMC) files

    1. In the Virtual PC console, click the "New…" button to launch the New Virtual Machine Wizard, cheap Adipex-P no rx. The option "Create a virtual machine" should be selected. Click "Next" to continue:

      Virtual PC New Virtual Machine Wizard step 1: create a virtual machine

    2. Choose where to create the VMC file, which will contain the settings of the VM that loads the VHD, Adipex-P For Sale. Adipex-P maximum dosage, Personally, I prefer to keep it in the same location as the VHD. Click "Next".

    3. Now, no prescription Adipex-P online, we'll choose the operating system (it should be pre-selected) and review the default hardware selection. Is Adipex-P addictive, Note the low amount of RAM memory (128MB) - we'll adjust this in the next step. Click "Next":

      Virtual PC New Virtual Machine Wizard: Operating System and Default Hardware

    4. "Memory" - In this step, I recommend increasing the RAM from the recommended 128MB, Adipex-P trusted pharmacy reviews, so select "Adjusting the RAM" to reveal additional fields to "Set the RAM for this virtual machine." This virtual RAM will use the physical RAM available on your host machine, Adipex-P pharmacy, so choose a level that you'll be comfortable with. I recommend at least 512MB RAM if you can spare it and click "Next" to continue:

      Virtual PC New Virtual Machine Wizard step: Memory adjustment

    5. "Virtual Hard Disk Options" use the default selection to use "An existing virtual hard disk" - we'll use the VHD we expanded in step 2.

    6. Adipex-P For Sale, "Virtual Hard Disk Location" Browse to the location of the VHD file we expanded in step 2. If you choose to "Enable Undo Disks" there will be an additional file created that is about the same size as the VHD file (>1GB) so bear that in mind. Personally, after Adipex-P, I use my VMs only for testing pages, not storing data, so I do not use this because the VM can save its state when you close it and it takes additional time to commit the changes to the Undo Disk on close.

    7. Finally, review your settings in the "Completing the New Virtual Machine Wizard" pane and click "Finish". Congratulations, now you're on your way to using your shiny new VM. Once the wizard closes, you'll see the newly-created VM listed in the Virtual PC Console. You can select it and click "Start" to launch it.

Now we're ready to launch our new VM, Adipex-P For Sale. You can launch it in various ways:

  • Opening VirtualPC, selecting the VM and launching it

  • Launching the VM directly by opening the VMC file (which will launch VirtualPC and then automatically launch the VM)

  • Protip: create a shortcut to the VMC file and put it in your Start menu, Quick Tasks toolbar or right on your desktop for easy access.

So go ahead and launch it. Once Windows has booted up, we can start to finalize the setup.

Using Your New VM

Alright, your new VM is ready to use, so let's set it up. Here are some notes to bear in mind:

  • Adjust the network settings: You probably need to adjust these settings by going to the Edit menu of the VM window, selecting "Settings" and then "Networking." If you're using a laptop, you'll need to set this each time you switch between wired and wireless networking.

  • Flash is not installed by default, so you'll need to install it manually.

  • On the desktop inside the VM window, you'll see icons to install the IE Developer Toolbar and the MS Script Debugger. Adipex-P For Sale, These add-ons have been replaced in IE8 by the much-improved Developer Tools which are included with the browser. You can also install IE7 Readiness Toolkit.

  • Get the full effect by switching the VM to fullscreen mode in the menu or press Right Alt+Enter.

  • Copy and paste works only for text between the host computer and the VM,  such as copying URLs and such.

  • The VM acts like a separate machine on your network, so if you want to test pages from your local server (localhost) you'll need to use your IP address instead.

  • Got more. Please share them with us in the comments!

Congratulations. You're all set to test using legitimate, full versions of Internet Explorer on Windows thanks to Microsoft. What are your tips and tricks for using virtual machines and what do you use them for.

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27 Comments, please share your thoughts!

Bobby Borszich Oct 4 2009

I have been using the VPC images for quite some time to check IE6 compatibility. I too have tried several other IE6 simulators but nothing is as real as a VM(if that makes any sense). Further I have been meaning to right a post myself about the need to fully test with a VM but now I can just point people to this post. Very well written and helpful.

I tend to use Virtual Machines for lots of things. Mostly to test server deployment prior to pushing to production because they just work! While I have played with the Microsoft provided VM’s I decided it was worth my time to purchase VMWare Workstation to have the ultimate in control and snapshots to manage my multiple VM’s. Also for folks developing in Visual Studio VMWare provides some great tools to debug inside of a VM using visual studio.

Thanks again.

Victor Boba Oct 5 2009

Great article! I must have been in a bubble lately. I use VMWare, but never knew that Microsoft had a free solution to more or less do the same thing. I will most definitely try out using the VPC as well at the IE Images.

David editor Oct 5 2009

@Bobby: Thanks for your comment. I’ve been using the VPC images for a while and every few months – when it’s time to download and install new images – I have to look-up the process again. Also, while I boiled it down to three steps, there are just enough little details that I’m happy to have a place to refer people and to get feedback like your point about the features of VMWare.

David editor Oct 5 2009

@Victor: While I’m not familiar with the features of VMWare, this offers a great alternative. Plus, I didn’t mention the new features of Virtual PC included in the upcoming, Windows 7-only version like Windows XP Mode so it looks like it’s worth the little effort to get familiar with it. The release candidate of the Windows 7 version is available for download, but I don’t have Windows 7 yet so I can’t comment on that. Thanks for your comment and be sure to let us know if you have any other information!

David editor Oct 6 2009

Over on Twitter, @tericee asked this question:

@ClearType How likely is the government to join in the campaign? Do you think many govvies still use IE6?

First, this question deserves a dedicated article, but for now, here are my thoughts: This is a big question involving the Open Web, standards, policy, strategy. Internal web tools shouldn’t use closed formats such as ActiveX since support is limited and can disappear. Standards (W3C) & policy (508, etc.) exist to ensure inclusion, which is a good example of how accessibility isn’t only about disabled users. I think the question of supporting IE6 should be based on a per-site basis but a minimum level of support should be provided regardless. However, “support” is a broad term and while I do not believe that web sites must look the same in every browser, public information should be available. Again, these are my quick thoughts, what are yours?

Jin editor Oct 6 2009

To add to what David said, my thoughts on gov sites’ IE6 support: IE6 still has a 12% market share according to w3schools.

Since government sites have such a wide range of targeted audience, they should support IE6. However, I don’t think sites have to look “pixel perfect” in IE6, as long as the pages are functional.

7 Oct 6 2009

[...] A Comprehensive Test Strategy for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 | ClearType☆Press Great read – good intro to virtual machines and testing [...]

tericee Oct 7 2009

My question was kind of from the other side of the fence. If using IE6 provides a user less security than other, newer browsers, it seems like the government would want to advise its citizens to upgrade so that their home computer and files are not as easily compromised.

Or are all the issues with IE6 usability only, and not security at all?

Jin editor Oct 7 2009

@Teri, IE6 has had major security issues since its debut. In fact, US-Cert had issued warnings against using IE6 years ago.


If you google for “IE6 security issues,” you’ll find a list of on going IE6+ problems.

The challenge is to get people off IE6. Tech savvy people have moved on to the latest IE, Firefox or Safari. But there’s a huge portion of the public who still use the browser that came with their Windows, namely IE6.

Internally, many gov agencies still use IE6 as the standard browser. To upgrade to a newer browser on an enterprise level is quite involved. I hope gov tech policy can be as agile as smaller tech companies one day.

Interesting read on the State Department and IE6:

Russell Heimlich Oct 13 2009

I documented a similar walk through only instead of using Virtual PC, I used VMWare. There is only one extra step involved and that is converting the VHD files to VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) which is supported by VMWare Fusion and the other free VM player Virtualbox

Ofcourse I don’t use this method for browser testing as the IE Collection does a splendid job ->

Josh L Oct 13 2009

Thanks a bunch for this great reference.

Chris Oct 13 2009

The stats from w3schools about browser usage, I think applies only to w3schools. Each site is different. Some of my sites get less than 1% ie6 visitors, some more.

AliReza Oct 14 2009


this is not required!

Microsoft present new software;

Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer is a visual debugging tool that makes it easier to migrate your web sites from Internet Explorer 6 , 7 , 8.

Martijn Oct 14 2009

I still prefer IEtester
Great article thanks!

Jacob Rask Oct 14 2009

This still means you need to run Windows as your main OS.

Myself, I run Sun’s VirtualBox (free and available for most operating systems) under Linux, with a Windows installation on a virtual machine. There I test IE6 and IE7 in IE Tester, IE8 and Safari (and previously Chrome, now I use Chromium) standalone, as well as keeping old installations of Firefox and Opera to avoid cluttering my own OS with several browser versions.

Works like a charm.


[...] Visit Source. [...]

David editor Oct 14 2009

@Russell: This past weekend, someone told me the current batch of VPC images are not compatible with this method. Can you confirm this?

@Jacob: Thanks for mentioning Virtual Box – I was unaware of that project. Do you know if these VHD files are compatible with Virtual Box or do you have to provide your own copy of Windows?

Thank you both for your comments!

Troy Oct 14 2009

@David: Yes, the VHD files work just fine with VirtualBox, I use this setup all the time to do my testing and haven’t run into any problems. You will need to install “Guest Additions” though to see ‘shared’ local folders, see the VirtualBox docs on how to do this.

David editor Oct 14 2009

@Troy: Cool! Thanks for clarifying this.


[...] und absolut einen Blick wert. Behandelt werden der Internet Explorer 6 , Internet Explorer 7 + 8 [Link zum Artikel]. Persönlich habe ich ja die Hoffnung das wir uns bald um der IE6 keine Gedanken mehr [...]

Chris Oct 23 2009

@Troy Really? I have been trying to get these to run on Virtual Box for ages, basically MS have added something into the latest batch of images that stop people using them on anything other than VPC :(

Would be interested to know how you got this working.

More info at links below (read comments near bottom)

Gyorgy Oct 23 2009

@Troy: I couldn’t use the VHD files in VirtualBox.
I tried to convert it to VMDK, but I gave up. Too much problems with it.

I simply bought an OEM copy of Win XP and installed it under VirtualBox


[...] Internet Explorer 6, 7 和 8 通盘测试战略 [...]


[...] A Comprehensive Test Strategy for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 – Clear Type Press [...]

Troy Nov 2 2009


Ok, I see the issue, it seems I have an older copy of the VHD image. The newer ones are giving me the activation errors as well. I will mess around with it and see what I can come up with…


[...] Internet Explorer 6 臭虫 CSS 在 Internet Explorer 6, 7 和 8 中的不同之处 Internet Explorer 6, 7 和 8 通盘测试战略 Leave a [...]


[...] A Comprehensive Test Strategy for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 [...]

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